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I haven't been much on updating lately.

My brain chemistry has been, quite frankly, a fucking shitshow. Pretty much all I have in me is to bully myself out of bed in the morning, bully myself to leave the house for work, and then bully myself to go to bed at the end of the day.

So you know, see you on the other side. When it comes.
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I have now heard about three separate petitions asking Trudeau to rescind or revise the Safe Third Country Agreement. (The Canadian refugee process requires refugees to apply at the country they land in first, if it's listed in the act. The USA is one of those countries.)

On the Parliament petitions site, here.

One is sponsored by the Broadbent Institute here.

And one sponsored by No One Is Illegal here.

I sent an email to Trudeau and cc'd my MP asking them to repeal or revise the act and offer haven to stranded people being denied entry to the US. Somebody mentioned including the Minister of Immigration in that email chain, I didn't do that but maybe I'll send him a separate email when I get home from work tonight. (He might be sympathetic, since he is 1) Muslim 2) a former refugee and 3) born in one of the countries on the ban list. So he probably is banned from entering the US right now himself.) I've heard that calling is better than email, so if I can gather together the spoons at some point this week I'll do that too.

I also went through the list of companies at and notified the ones that I have accounts with that I won't be buying anything from them until they stop doing business with the Trump family.

If I come across anything else I'll post it here. Feel free to add to the list, and share it around.
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Being back at the old job means I spend about twice as long on the bus. So I've already finished four books in the first month.

four fiction )
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Welcome to the LJ refugees who have recently stumbled over to Dreamwidth. If I haven't friended you t/here yet, give me a prod and I'll fix that.

I'm really looking forward to seeing DW becoming more active. It's kinda clunky, but seems to be run by nice people.

And to the new people who have just friended me from outta (as far as I can tell) nowhere, hi! Welcome! I promise I'm not very interesting!
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a whiskey called 'Writer's Tears'

D brought this home earlier this week. He thought it was hilarious.

(OK, I think it's hilarious too.)

Most of my posts recently have been about the reading and writing thing, because quite frankly I don’t have much else going on. No money means no travel, and I've been feeling really exhausted by adult life lately so I haven't really been doing much else either.

I decided to take a break from the big book project for a while – I have to do some research to fill in some of the holes, so in the meantime I’ll work on some other ideas I have. Weekly beer-and-laptops sessions to resume shortly.

I have one more week at the temp role before I go back to the salt mines. Everybody has been lovely about telling me they wish I were staying. Even the department Director came by and told me that she tried to get me made permanent but she couldn’t get the extra budget approved. That does a lot for my confidence, I gotta tell you. I stepped away from old job because I was feeling like I was in a rut I couldn't get out of, and this makes me a lot less worried about going back and falling into the same old pit of despair.

The boys are going to a party tonight and I’ve decided I’m going to stay home and be introverted and enjoy having the house to myself. (That doesn't happen much any more.) Maybe I could do a little bit of writing. Maybe shed a tear or two.
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So because my co-workers are lovely, they got me going-away presents. One of them was a pie, which was delicious and they helped me eat it.

The other part of the present was a gift card for Indigo, which is a Canadian book store. "Aha!" says I, "I can finally buy some of the books that are on my wish list." And because we are trying to reduce the number of Things, I went online and created an account on the Indigo website and bought the electronic version of some of the books I wanted.

Now the Indigo e-reader is called a Kobo. When I buy the books the Indigo website ports me over to Kobo to create an account there. This concerns me a little as I don't have a Kobo, I have a Kindle. Not to worry, says the website, you can convert the files using a free Adobe app. So I download the Adobe app. Then I try to convert them so they can be read on my Kindle. Adobe app says nope, those files have DRM. I do a search on the Adobe website, which says, well if you register your Adobe app you can share the files across devices. Fine, I didn't particularly want to have to create yet another account with a third company, but whatever. I register the Adobe app. I download the books again. Adobe app says that's nice, now you have two copies of the files but they still have DRM so I can't put them on your Kindle.

Axel downloads a DRM-breaker. DRM breaker says it could convert the files if it were the previous version of the Adobe app but not this new version.

We collectively say fuckit and torrent the fucking books.

Keep in mind that these are books that I legally purchased, and would like to be able to read on an existing e-reader that I already own, and after hours of nonsense we still couldn't get them into my Kindle. It took all of three minutes to just download an illegal copy, convert it, and bam I'm good to go.

And this is why people pirate shit.
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Who has two thumbs and managed to finish the ENTIRE FIRST DRAFT of her novel.

(It's awful. Like, really really terrible. It won't be ready for critiquing until, oh probably about Draft 3.)

But done, done donitty done done.

I am quite gratified by this.
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I am a little hungover, but nothing some gatorade and a couple of advil can't handle.

That was fun.

How y'all doing?

Chapter 5

Nov. 20th, 2016 02:40 am
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I am staying up solely to finish this, and I have no idea if it even makes sense.

Axel apparently has over 2 hours of House of Love.

Pretty sure that tomrrow I am going to regret all of my life choices.

a bunch more beer I am a complete mess what have i done with my life )

Chapter 4

Nov. 20th, 2016 01:23 am
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I have switched back to beer because I am seriously drunk and I'm hoping steppint ti down a bit it might keep me awake longer.

I have been distracted by lengthy debates about Soul Asylum and Iggy Pop.

just another day in the life of a workign stiff )

Chapter 3

Nov. 19th, 2016 11:16 pm
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Sabz is here, and Tetsab + 1 and we are all drinking various and sundry and I might be a teeny bit fxx00rd

Also I have no idea how to spell laundromat.

many more g&t )

Chapter 2

Nov. 19th, 2016 08:55 pm
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We put a glass of red wine vinegar on Axel's desk to attempt to catch the fruit flies. It is both hilarious and awful that this is a problem the night that asked people to come over for drunk writing.

several gin and tonics later )

Chapter 1

Nov. 19th, 2016 08:48 pm
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The three of us have been going through the food and throwing stuff out of our kitchen for days now, trying to figure out where the fruit flys are coming from. Today D finally tracked it down to a bag of injera that had been shoved into a cupboard and basically liquefied in the bag.

So the source of the problem is now dealt with but as I sit here and type these fruit flies keep crossing my field of vision. And they are very interested in Axel's wine glass.

finished the beer, now drinking gin and tonics )
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So I'm a couple of weeks late.

But I've had a few beers and I'm ready to scribble.
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Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows that the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows

God speed, Mr Cohen.
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I am so so so sorry.
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Drunk writing night suffered from a failure to launch due to a 2-day migraine. I might try to do it another time, it won't be the first time I fudged the date because the calendar one didn't work out.

I am also dealing with bronchitis for the second time in six months and I am awake half the night coughing so I feel like hammered shit. Axel got his CPAP and now I can sleep in the same bed as him but he can't sleep in the same bed with me. I am just so done with this meatsuit. Or perhaps I should say this meatsuit is just so done with me.

Budget stuff is finished and it's ugly but survivable. Unfortunately it means any plans to do pretty much anything that costs money will have to wait. Still I feel a lot better that I know where we stand, and I know that we're not going to lose the house and end up sleeping the park any time soon. We're getting a chunk of tax money back which will help. And I've been ebaying stuff with the faint hope that I might make a few bucks there, but I'm not counting on it.

I'm in my second week of training at work, which just happens to be taking place at my old work location. Man, I had forgotten how much I hate that shitting bus. In the 10 years I worked there the trip went from half an hour to 45 minutes. Now just over a year later it's well over an hour. But taxes are bad, right?

Setting the clocks back this week may have saved my fucking life.

So. Settling into the new normal.


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