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2017-09-06 02:24 pm

chaotic evil

BC woke me up this morning by singing this at me.

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2017-09-05 10:25 am

credit where credit is due

I have so many issues with our current government, but I have to point out when they do something right. This is a fucking amazing story.

From Chechnya to Canada: The Secret Escape For Young Gay Men.

And my workplace recently announced a big donation to Rainbow Railroad, so good on them too.
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2017-09-03 05:10 pm

share the problem, share the solution

D took me out to the pub last night for a couple of pints, and they were playing music as pubs tend to do.

So I have a new earworm finally.

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2017-09-02 09:00 am

heads will roll

I am incredibly prone to earworms. I get them very easily and a bad one can last for weeks if not months. I sometimes wonder if it's related to the tendency towards intrusive thoughts; if the wheels for "step in front of the train, step in front of the train, step in front of the train" just happen to fit in the exact same grooves as "a three hour tour, a three hour tour, a three hour tour".

Last week Michael Pagliaro played at the CNE and thanks to hot weather and the resultant open windows I got one of his songs stuck in my head for a week. This week it was Trooper, no thanks to the co-worker who keeps a radio playing on her desk tuned to some awful baby-boomer station. It's been 70's CanCon all month in here.

(You know Astrid, I keep thinking about the bar manager you told me about who thought all Canadian music sucks. I was aghast when I first heard that, but if she went to high school at the same time I did, she might actually have a point.)

I desperately need to go listen to music with chainsaws in it. Or wash my brain out with bleach. Something.
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2017-08-28 11:54 am
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it just occurred to me

One of the phrases I never really anticipated having to say out loud is "Please don't feed the cats on top of my laptop".
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2017-08-23 05:06 pm

2017 books: 38-44

As I get close to the end of the stacks, there are enough random items in here that it gets harder to lump them into groups.

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2017-08-11 04:56 pm

2017 books: 35-37

I'm almost at the bottom of the Read-And-Get-Rid-Of pile. Just a few books left stacked in the corner of my bedroom. I started this process three years ago with two bookshelves worth of books.

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2017-07-30 01:43 pm

days of wine and hosers

Before Axel decided to spice up my life by scaring the living shit out of me, I had a pretty good weekend.

A while back I had mentioned to BC that I wanted to research wine-making because one of the stories I'm writing has a vineyard as the setting. This gave her the brilliant idea that we should go on a wine tour. So bright (OK, maybe not so much with the "bright" on my part) and early (very, very early) on Saturday morning she picked me up and we drove to Niagara-on-the-Lake. There a bus picked us up and drove us around to a selection of four different wineries.

So have done a wine tour once before. I'm pretty sure that it was when I lived with BC and Ldot, so we're talking over 12 years ago. I remember it as a handful of people following somebody around who guided you around the property and talked about the wine making process before delivering you to a cool shaded barn where you could have a few glasses of wine and maybe buy a bottle or two. Every once in a while a new car would pull up and after a while, or when there were enough people who were interested, they would start another tour.

So things have changed a bit since then.

The first winery we visited was the biggest in the area and it was the only one that actually walked us into the vineyard and through the fermentation rooms. They ran the tours like we were at Disneyland. There was 23 in our group, and there were multiple groups all following in each other steps about 15 minutes apart, it was well-organized and very tightly timed. The "barrel" room where they do the tastings had over a hundred people in it.

The second winery had multiple tasting rooms, and our group was brought into one where a bartender taught us how to do proper tastings with little plates of meat and cheeses - and when our time was up we were hustled the hell out of there stuffing the last of the crackers into our cheeks because the next group was waiting. Wineries three and four were straight to the tasting and buying things.

Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun. We got to drink some really nice wines I wouldn't have otherwise tried out (including some very tasty and very expensive ice wines.) The people who served us were all super lovely. I guess just didn't expect it to be quite so much of an industry as it is now.

The other thing that was noteworthy about the event was the other people on the tour bus. We were picked up in two stages, most of the people getting on the bus on at the same time we did. There were about 15-18 women and one man, and the guy was so uncomfortable. He kept talking about how he was the only man there and at one point he said, (I shit you not) "Where are your husbands?"

When the bus picked up the remaining half-dozen people at a second hotel there were three men in the that group and then he made a big deal about that, greeting them very loudly and talking about how relieved he was. BC and I are watching all this, and I kept turning to her and hissing, "Straight people are so fucking weird".

Then when we were walking through the first winery the men were competing with each other over who could hold the doors. Seriously at a couple of points one door were being held open by two guys at the same time, both of them going, "I got it," to each other over and over.

Then at the end of the day on the drive back to be dropped off a bunch of the women were singing loudly along with the radio, which was tuned to some station playing top 40 songs from 20-30 years ago. Think Bryan Adams and Neil Diamond.

So, you know. An educational day even if I didn't get to ask a lot of questions about wine making. I forget sometimes how socially insulated I really am. I almost never hanging out with normal people and their ways are strange and mysterious to me.
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2017-07-27 05:39 pm

head like a hole

Welp, it's been an eventful couple of days at the Gin Palace.

Axel was in a somewhat serious bicycle accident in the wee hours of Monday morning. And when I say serious I mean that he knocked himself cold and had to be picked up off the ground by an ambulence. I spent Monday morning at the hospital with him in emergency until they got him a bed, and then the afternoon running around sorting out things like a toothbrush and a change of clothes that weren't completely covered in blood. (I've said this before in my stories about the ways in which I and my fellow humans manage to maim themselves, but man it's a good thing I know ahead of time how much head injuries bleed. Even still, when I first walked into emerg and saw him - Holy Shit.)

He was groggy and out of it Monday morning; thirsty, exhausted, and in pain but mostly coherent by Monday night and bored and cheerful by Tuesday. A couple of CT scans later he is now home and largely back to normal. He has what the release papers described as a "non-mobile fracture" in his skull, which I'm guessing means that the bone is broken, but all the important squishy bits are still safely contained. He's still kinda dizzy and a little more scattered than usual but every time I talk to him he's a little improved.

Deep breath.

So now that the meat suit is safe and in one piece, he has one remaining concern. What the hell happened to his bike?

I went to the spot where the ambulence picked him up. I called the ambulence dispatch. I called the police. Nobody seems to be able to answer the question of what happens to somebody's stuff when the ambulence carts them away from an accident. I mean a wallet, they'd toss into the ambulence. A car would what, get impounded just to get it out of the way? I assume? But nobody seems to know what happens when it's a bicycle.

Just to be clear I don't have an issue AT ALL with the EMT's not dealing with it, their priority is "get dude who landed on his head to a hospital ASAP", which is exactly what it should be. But I do find the fact that nobody knows what happens afterwards to be kind of bizarre.

Whatever. We have insurance for a reason.
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2017-07-10 04:26 pm


One of the guys I work with was born in 1995.

I have to go lie down now.
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2017-06-28 05:19 pm

i got a fever. and the only cure. is more cowbell

It's been a really wet summer so far - this is the only day this week we haven't had/aren't expected to have thunderstorms. Water was coming into D's apartment at one point so we dropped some money credit on getting some additional waterproofing in the basement, and cross fingers/knock on everything, it seems to have done the trick.

Apparently I have a peak number of words per week or something, because the more I write outside of DW/LJ, the less I write here. So yay for being non-blog productive I guess, but I do feel like I should be making some attempt to keep up with the posting. Especially since this is pretty much the only social thing I really do these days.

June was the month of Working All The Overtime, but that's not being offered in July. So instead I signed up for NaNoWriMo again. Because I am allergic to spare time or something.
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2017-06-22 08:24 pm

2017 books: 17-22

I have some catching up to do. I'm still reading on the bus every day, I'm just behind in listing them.

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2017-06-20 05:36 pm

melted like Dali

I am suffering from a chronic case of having nothing interesting to say.
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2017-04-29 12:37 pm

there's a world outside

Apparently Shoppers Drug Mart is now selling homeopathic remedies. I picked something new off the shelf and it wasn't until after the receipt was long gone that Axel read the fine print on the packaging. This is fucking annoying. I tend to assume that something I buy at a drug store has an actual active ingredient of some kind. Apparently not.


I read this article yesterday about scientist who been successfully inclubating lambs in an artifical womb. It's being researched as a therapy for severely premature babies who usually have serious health defects as a result of not cooking long enough.

So that's pretty cool on it's own, but the comments were full of people talking about what will happen once the technology progresses to the point that an artifical womb can be used for the entire process. Some people had some interesting things to say. But the one thing that I totally disagreed with was the number of people who said this would embraced by the pro-life camp as an alternative to abortion. I'm convinced the exact opposite will happen. Because if a woman can put the unwanted pregnancy into an artifical womb and hand it off to somebody else then she's not being punished nearly enough for having had sex, and that's really what the organized pro-life movement is all about.

On the plus side it will probably get rid of the "she shouldn't be allowed it's my baby too" MRA types, because in the vast majority of those cases they don't actually want the kid either.


I'm on my second week of working overtime and I'm logging into the systems right now and don't waaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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2017-04-24 04:33 pm
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when worlds collude

I swear, I get the most random LinkedIn invitations.

Today it was from some guy who does anger management counselling. And I'm like, so, what are you trying to say?
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2017-04-19 05:07 pm

i really do have nothing to talk about

I kind of meant to use my vacation as a chance to catch up here. Instead I did travel, sick, sick, sick and travel. And then drunk, where I posted a couple of things but mostly forgot anything I wanted to talk about.

I used to do all my updates from work, but not so much now. Things are crazy busy at work and there is never enough time. They have even started offering us overtime hours lately which is... just really not something they've ever done before. I'm taking all the hours I can manage of course, because money.

Having two whole weeks off to so my own thing was So. Nice. I spent most of it being productive of course but I still got to go to Montreal and Guelph and hang out with people.

I wish I had more to talk about but life without money ends up being pretty boring.
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2017-04-16 12:08 pm


I managed to get about 1200 words pounded out between posts and conversations. Not bad.

My hangovers these days mostly consist of just being really really dizzy. I was standing in D's apartment this morning feeling something falling over and completely unable to tell if it was me or something else. As it turned out, it was his laundry basket sliding off the stool.

So it's the last day of my vacation. Apart from the being sick for the entire freakin' time, it was still a productive couple of weeks. I got to visit some lovely people, and we got a a bunch of stuff done around the house.

I think a chill day of just hanging out is in order.

Man, I really don't want to go back to work tomorrow.