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As I get close to the end of the stacks, there are enough random items in here that it gets harder to lump them into groups.

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I'm almost at the bottom of the Read-And-Get-Rid-Of pile. Just a few books left stacked in the corner of my bedroom. I started this process three years ago with two bookshelves worth of books.

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I have some catching up to do. I'm still reading on the bus every day, I'm just behind in listing them.

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I'll have an actual post at some point soon, honest.

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Being back at the old job means I spend about twice as long on the bus. So I've already finished four books in the first month.

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a whiskey called 'Writer's Tears'

D brought this home earlier this week. He thought it was hilarious.

(OK, I think it's hilarious too.)

Most of my posts recently have been about the reading and writing thing, because quite frankly I don’t have much else going on. No money means no travel, and I've been feeling really exhausted by adult life lately so I haven't really been doing much else either.

I decided to take a break from the big book project for a while – I have to do some research to fill in some of the holes, so in the meantime I’ll work on some other ideas I have. Weekly beer-and-laptops sessions to resume shortly.

I have one more week at the temp role before I go back to the salt mines. Everybody has been lovely about telling me they wish I were staying. Even the department Director came by and told me that she tried to get me made permanent but she couldn’t get the extra budget approved. That does a lot for my confidence, I gotta tell you. I stepped away from old job because I was feeling like I was in a rut I couldn't get out of, and this makes me a lot less worried about going back and falling into the same old pit of despair.

The boys are going to a party tonight and I’ve decided I’m going to stay home and be introverted and enjoy having the house to myself. (That doesn't happen much any more.) Maybe I could do a little bit of writing. Maybe shed a tear or two.
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Who has two thumbs and managed to finish the ENTIRE FIRST DRAFT of her novel.

(It's awful. Like, really really terrible. It won't be ready for critiquing until, oh probably about Draft 3.)

But done, done donitty done done.

I am quite gratified by this.
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I decided I needed to go through more of the books that need to leave the house, so I'm going to be reading through some of my existing non-fictions for a bit.

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1000 words

At beer-and-laptops. Did I mention I hit a bell-ringer last session? 40K words.

I'm also getting faster - today's 1K words took me about an hour and 15 minutes, compared to the 2 hours it used to take. So you know, practice will improve my ability to get the quantity happening, even if I'm not yet happy with the quality.

Forgive me, this is the only thing I have to talk about, so I'm damn well going to post about the fact that it makes me happy.

[EDIT] Packing up now. At 42046 words. Probably going to go drink more beer with D.
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One of the things I should probably be more clear about is that BookBub doesn't just have links to self-published authors, I just tend to download those ones because they are free. They link to tons of sales on better known authors who have stuff on sale - I have seen Neil Gaiman and Neal Stephenson both featured.

Also, shout-out to [ profile] iamjw for posting that is offering a free e-book every month if you sign up on their site.

start with Plato, end with the zombies )

I think my experiment in reading all these books has given me a better sense of the difference between writing that is perfectly adequate and writing that is really good. (Bad writing is always a lot more obvious.)

I figure I'm pretty solidly in the "adequate" band. I just have to figure out what tools I need to jump that gap.
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A list that's been going around today.

Bolded the ones I've read, italics on the ones where I've read other books by the same author.

cut for list )

The number of books I've read off this list is quite small - I guess I have some new authors to search out.


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