Mar. 6th, 2008 02:44 pm
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Doing some clean-up of a chaotic ameoba of an f-list. If I de-list anybody who actually gives a rat's ass, speak up.
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This is kind of a multi-purpose post.

I think it's safe to assume that after all this time LD50 isn't going to come asking for any of the Wasp Factory CDs that are sitting in my attic, so I'm going through the process of moving them out and hopefully into the hands of people who will actually listen to them.

First of all, if you are A)in a WF band and B)see one of your prodigal children on this list and C)haven't gotten an email from me already - drop me a line. And poke other WF people if you see 'em, because there are a few people I haven't been able to reach.

Secondly if anybody on my Flist is interested in any of these CDs let me know. Some are getting ebayed and some are being sent back to the UK and there are a few title I have been authorized to give away. So if you were planning to buy one anyway maybe we can save you a couple of bucks on postage. (I'm assuming that this offer, if taken up, is mostly of interest to North Americans.)

what I have in my hot little hands )

Apologies for the quick-and-dirty linkage, but it means not having to futz around with .mp3s myself.
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Yeah, it's been over a month since the pigroast, but the clearing out of stuff has moved this up on the priority list.

This is a list of all the stuff that has been left at our place during previous parties. Mostly I just want to know if people want it returned so I know whether or not to freecycle it, throw it out, or claim it for my own. ([ profile] the_fury, [ profile] the_other_j and [ profile] len9, I know I have stuff belonging to you guys as well, don't worry about those items.)

straw hat )

2 pairs of sunglasses )

drinking mug )

drinking mug for much smaller person )

2 Nalgene water bottles )

metal serving bowl )

various Tupperware containers )

And this one is the most mysterious, because it appeared in our van after a trip to Detroit and does not actually belong to any of the women who might have ever been in the van. Very odd.

makeup bag )
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Just at random, I decided to creat a seperate LJ to post pictures and links. Stuff I find in real life and in the corners of the internet - and of course the obligatory pictures of cute cats - will go on [ profile] brain_worms.

That keeps my main LJ nice and uncluttered and gives me more space for ranting and drunken rambling and telling those damn kids to kids to get offa mah lawn.

party prep

Jun. 8th, 2006 11:02 am
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  • pick up beer

  • pick up pig
  • pick up firepit
  • dig party supplies out of basement (and sort)

  • buy additional party supplies
  • buy liquor (may require consulting Len)
  • buy mixing ingredients
  • get containers for mixing (can possibly borrow these)
  • buy marinade ingredients
  • plastic tablecloths?
  • do we have wire for the frame?

  • buy ice the day we get the pig
  • buy charcoal
  • buy new non-pig BBQ?

  • sweep up porch and put cover on couch
  • bundle up weeds, sweep back area

  • clean patio chairs
  • tidy up basement, clean couch for sleeping
  • clean bathroom
  • sort kitchen, clean fridge

  • tidy office, make space for sleeping
  • tidy front room, make space for sleeping
  • dig out air mattress
  • , sort clean bedding
  • check bathtub for pig is usable

  • make sure all laundry is done before the weekend
  • and put away
  • get computers sorted, fixed as much as possible, and off the floor
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My computer is only intermittantly connected to the network, so I'm can only check my email etc on Axel's machine. That means I'm about a week behind on LJ.

If you need me, ping me by email.
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Every once in a while, I ponder the value of moving my blog completely off of LJ and onto my own domain.

Peoples who do that, can I have your feedback? Pros? Cons? Pains in the ass?

[ profile] xthlcm, [ profile] kalmn, [ profile] the_fury, I'm looking at you guys.
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I am asking for help from my knowledgeable friends list.

See, we have this big backyard. And it's full of green things.

And some of the green things I kinda like, and some of the green things I kinda don't. But I have no idea what any of there are. I'm not kidding, most plants look the same to me. I have trouble telling cabbage from spinach.

So I went out and took some pictures of some of the more aggressive flora in our yard, and I'm posting them so that people can look at me like I'm on crack and say, "That's an "X", you dweeb."

alien green thing #1 )

alien green thing #2 )

alien green thing #3 )

alien green thing #4 )

alien green thing #5 )

I tried looking for these online, but it's kind of hard to search for images if you don't know what you're looking for.


Sep. 12th, 2004 10:09 am
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AKA: shit written down here so I don't have to think of it until I get back and can actually relax for three days.

do laundry from camping
wash dishes from camping

clean and put away all other camping gear
fill in hole under composter
sort through clothing boxes in basement
finish sorting/packing up boxes in living room
sort some of the crap off my desk
sort some of the crap out of the living room
wash the damn floors! I know there's hardwood under there somewhere
clean/put together weight bench & sort out what's usable

finish database of contacts to be handed off to Etienne
finish price breakdowns for next meeting
contact C (again) about what the fuck is the damn hold-up (again)
arrange get-together with J to look at software

finish up financial statements

finish reading books
finish writing resume
look at more software demos
update profile on job seek websites

get feedback from Peter
post schedule to C*b*l
post schedule to public
set up dedicated email box

find walkman
set up dentist appointment
sort out passport request
finish going through finances
figure out a time when I can see members of my family so I don't forget what they look like.
look at scheduling time for coven
pick up some food for Lola


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