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Reposted from a friend because she is awesome and you should buy her book!


Originally posted at so, I published a book & today was its offical release date...
What's that, you say? A book? Yes! I have put out a book! It's not a huge one, just a small collection of short stories, but IT IS A BOOK and it exists and has an isbn number and everything. I feel a wee bit giddy, frankly. :D

And so... here's the sell.

 photo MELBOURNE ROOMS thumb_zpskkdmqjtc.jpg


From the pubs and punk clubs of Melbourne, Australia, comes five short, sharp stories of loss and sex and music.

One punk guy mourns friendships. Another mourns a murdered girl. A lost woman tries desperately to remember what she saw that made her walk away. Two friends collide together. And a Kinks fan kills a house-plant.

Beered-up and black-clad, these are stories from the city of swampies.

Available in paperback and as an ebook through Kindle, Nook, iTunes and others. For links to all the sales points, please click

If you feel like sharing this info with your Flists or anyone else, please feel free. You shall have my gratitude and virtual hugs. *hugs* :)
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Serving the Prime Minister

Canada's sexy new Prime Minister Dustin Waterhole has swept to power - but what's going on in the back offices?

I thought I had a pretty good deal going. I was a young guy fresh out of school, and I had landed a job at the headquarters of the Leaf Party. But as we suddenly took power in an election, I was suddenly running the back offices and assisting the new Prime Minister, the young and handsome Dustin Waterhole. It turns out that serving the Prime Minister means more than just pushing paper...but, I mean, he does have nice hair.

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This is kind of neat. Clothes specifically designed for people who use wheelchairs. Zippers located so you don't have to get out of the chair to take them off, skirts cut longer at the back so they don't ride up, and everything designed not to get in the way of wheels or controllers.
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I would say this is me in twenty years, but really it's me now.

(Lots of busy, Longer post later.)
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This is interesting news for the ex-pat Americans on my f-list.

Canada has violated the charter rights of nearly a million Canadians by agreeing to share their financial details with authorities in the United States, two Ontario women allege in a new lawsuit.
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One day those child actors are going to sit bolt upright in bed at 3 in the morning and yell, "THAT WASN'T A LIGHTSABER!"
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Stolen from [ profile] inulro

Bolded the ones I've read, struck out the ones I hated/didn't finish.

cut for list )

Every time I see lists like this I'm all what the hell? Where is Iain M Banks? And James Tiptree? The book Sheep Look Up should be on there. (In fact, everybody stop what you are doing and go read it, right now.) And if Harry Potter gets to be on there then so should Good Omens.

Could have been worse, I guess. At least Sookie Stackhouse isn't on there.
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This is interesting. All the time I've lived here I've heard that Toronto mean's "meeting place" in the local language, but apparently that's an urban legend.

What makes this topical is that a bunch of us repeated the story to [ profile] smhwpf just this past weekend at the Winchester[1].

[1]Waiting for the whole thing to blow over.
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I know that a lot of people on my f-list were friends of Kay Dekker.

There is now a commemorative LiveJournal group for people to post their memories and pictures. [ profile] remembering_kay
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I've been telling people about this ever since [ profile] northbard posted a link to it on his LJ.

Every time I think I've finally run out of shit that surprises me, somebody manages to prove me wrong. In this case with Cenobite/Care Bear slash.

Not Safe For Brain: The Hellbound Heart.
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"I don’t know if Barack Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize quite yet, and I’m actually serious when I say he won it in no small part for simply not being George W. Bush — for seeking to reengage with the world in the sort of way that decent, non-rogue countries do. That said, who cares? What’s fun is that this sets up the sort of massive, overwhelming, out-of-control right-wing freakout that money can’t buy."

From Alas, a blog
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As soon as I saw this I thought of that story you told me about your district manager.

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I'm posting this for a friend of a friend.

Casey is battling Osteosarcoma. The cancer has metastasized into her lungs and right shoulder. She will also be having her right leg and part of her pelvis amputated this September. This is because while the tumor has shrunk a little between it and the chemo her leg has fractured badly just from walking on it.

A week or so ago, Casey entered into a contest by Victoria's Secret. The prize is a trip for two to New York City for 3 days of pampering at a spa, staying in a nice hotel, a shopping trip and seeing a city Casey has never been to.

This is somebody who could really use a break from everything she's dealing with. Click on the link to vote for her at profile 880.
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A woman takes a picture of her cervix every day during a normal cycle.

Holy fascinating, Batman.
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I have already forgotten who just pointed this site out. Help?
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I know some people on my f-list are into the whole steampunk thing. Y'all should check out [ profile] clockwork_zero's jewelery. Pretty neat stuff!
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Credit goes to [ profile] oh_chris for creating it and [ profile] rosefox for posting it where I could see it.


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