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We had ostrich burgers for dinner last night. They were very very yummy. The flyer they gave me with the burgers claims that ostrich tastes like beef, but I found that to be completely inaccurate -- it's a very good flavour, but completely unlike cow.

I guess they were trying to avoid the usual comparison to chicken.

Other meats I have have tried in my life, rabbit, frog, bison, beefalo, deer and moose. So far I have to say the bison is my favourite. The Bison burgers we ate on the way to C6 was the best part of South Dakota.

I picked up the burgers at an ostrich farm when I was on my way to visit my sister on Saturday. One of my cousins is now dating my sister's best friend, so this was occasion for the two sets of siblings plus partners to get together at a pub and drink too much and gossip. It was fun, but...

I find hanging out with my family exhausting. Not because they aren't cool people, because they are. And certainly not because I don't enjoy their company.

But when I am with them I'm always very aware that I'm "the weird one". The beloved oddball. They don't get me at all, and for some reason the constant need to be just slightly on my guard all the time is bloody draining.

After 24 hours in their company I want to come home.

So last night I called up the people who are my chosen family and made dinner for them. I was surrounded by people who are complete fucking oddballs each in their individual ways, and with whom I feel the most comfortable and at home. And we ate burgers and drank beer and shot massive quantities of shit until people had to go home.

It was very relaxing.

These are the people I want to spend Christmas with.
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You know that feeling you get? The one where somebody is really bitchy and demanding and nasty to you and you have to grit your teeth and smile and be professional and they are a complete cunt about what are completely reasonable limitations that are not always under your control and they make loud unreasonable demands and manage to get their way even though they are not entitled to it because it's the only way to get them to shut up and not cause a huge stink even though it sticks in your throat to not just tell them to go fuck themselves...

...and then you find out that they've just gotten busted doing something that is not only really unethical but low-class, like say, shoplifting...

You know that feeling you get? That feeling?

Is that feeling a sin?


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