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Work has been absolutely nuts. They're bringing in some new software that encompasses everything from payroll to telephony and half my team is going to be in training for most of next month, me included. Of course this doesn't preclude having to do our regular jobs, which are already ramping up to get everything ready for the new fiscal year. So everybody is scrambling to get as much set up in advance as possible before we go to this training. Somehow that hasn't translated into any sense of urgency on the part of the people we rely on for information & updates, go figure.

I can handle busy at work or busy at the house, but both together... I start getting a little frayed around my corners, to put it mildly. It became known this past week that we have a big unwanted expense looming over us that we are going to have to deal with whether we can afford it or not. So I crunched the numbers this week - and crunched more numbers, and went holy shit and took out a machete and... we can do it. Just. It means no spending money on anything ever, so goodbye my weekly laptops and pints sessions for the foreseeable future. That sucks, 'cause I really enjoyed those.

You would think that lying awake at night adding up columns of numbers in my head would fill up all the space normally taken up by the random unnecessary shit my anxiety latches onto. Ha ha. No.

Deep breaths. This too will pass.

It fucking better.
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So I now have an answer as to whether or not I can write an entire book in a month. That answer is "no".

I am exactly at the halfway point of where I should be, however, which means I am well on track for getting an entire book written in two months if I can keep going at this rate. That won't be in August, because my family is coming to visit, so I figure I'll be taking a break and getting back to it in September. Which means I will be finished writing my 50,000 words probably early October.

They will be terrible, terrible, not very good words, but they will be written down and therefore I will have my story.

I suspect the process of turning it into a story worth actually reading is going to take a lot longer.


I finally pulled the plug on FB. This time of year I'm already hanging onto the fringes of what's left of my mental health with the tips of my fingernails and having people tag me on stuff that makes me cry was sending me right over the edge.

Yeah, I'm an emotional cripple and I'm not afraid to admit it.

So anyway, you can't reach me through FB anymore. It's email or LJ. You can send a FB message through one of the partners, but they aren't super reliable about passing them on. (By which I mean they will usually tell me stuff, but they aren't prompt about it and if it's an event that's taking place I usually find out about it the day it's happening. And if I already have my pants off, good luck with getting me to put them back on.)


I haven't touched the German since Axe & I visited there... two years ago? I think. Anyway at some random moment last week I decided to reinstall the Duolingo app and I've been plugging away at it again.

Learning languages is supposed to be good for encouraging new neural pathways and depression causes definite cognitive damage, so whether or not I'm ever successful in learning anything I figure it's a good hobby to have.

I have to say I'm often surprised at the words they choose to include. I'm doing the section on animal names right now and a lot of time I end up wondering why they devote so much time to including words I'll probably never use. I mean, once I have insect, do I really need fly, beetle and bee? Why include duck, chicken and hawk once I know the word for bird?

I suspect that one of the reason I lost interest in it last time is because it felt like there was too much filler.


Axel has gone full-on vegan. Did I mention that? Like one day it's all pig roasts and yummy yummy beef machines; the next day there is tempeh and almond milk in my fridge.

I find it hilarious only because it's so typical of the man to go from 0 to 60 overnight like that.

Anyway I'm fully supportive of the idea of eating less meat. The transition period just tends to be a little bumpy - I've noticed most new vegetarians go through a period where they cook exactly the same way, but just use tofu in place of the meat. And I'm just not that big a fan of tofu.

But hey, he's still doing all the cooking so I am not about to complain. And the tofu vindaloo he made in the crock-pot was really very good.


I am so boring right now. No money to do anything and it's too hot to go outside.
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At some point in my life I got old enough and sad enough to get excited by getting new appliances.

Our new washer and dryer showed up yesterday and I am afraid of them. They have a higher bpd ratio* than my old car. They sing when they want attention. And there is actually an app that allows you to tell it do stuff from your phone.

I don't know what the 21st-century equivalent of the VCR flashing "12:00" is going to be, but I suspect I'm fast approaching it.

* Buttons per dollar
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Me this morning, to the co-worker who is in charge of our Disaster Recovery Plan. "So your DRP almost got it's first live test today."

Her: "What do you mean?"

Me: "Somebody walked into police headquarters with a pipe bomb last night and asked if they would kindly dispose of it for him."

Her: "Oh, I heard about that on the radio this morning and I was like, ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME?"

Only in Toronto, man. It just so happens that the Toronto Police Headquarters is right across the street from the building where we work and dude showed up there exactly 30 minutes after I had left for the day. Police are now reminding the public that if you have explosives in your possession you should just call them and they will pick it up for you, no really, no trouble at all.

I feel like I should be writing more stuff in here but I think about it, think about all the things I would have to update, and then I don't. So here you go, in point form.

  • Renovations are going holy shit fast. Every day when I get home from work we go downstairs to see what's been accomplished and we're all, "Oh look, walls." "Floors today, cool." The major work is supposed to be done at the end of this week, leaving only the sub-contractors to finish off the fixtures, electrical and carpet.

  • We hung plastic around the basement stairs under the false illusion that this would stop the entire house from getting coated in a thick layer of concrete and plaster dust, ha ha ha you would almost think we were completely new at this. Prepping for work every morning is a grand experiment in making it out of the house without ruining my Serious Business clothes before I even get through the door.

  • My sister is in town for a couple of weeks and this weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving, so I expect my weekend to be pretty full of family stuff. This is a good thing - I like my family - but the timing is a bit awkward given the state of my environment right now.

  • Work is crazy busy, which is the main reason for my minimal involvement in LJ. I still like it. I gotta say, working in a place where I don't feel like I'm being primed to fail, and where every mistake doesn't get treated like a major fucking disaster... It feels nice.

    It's still fucking hard to get up in the morning.

  • A couple of weeks ago D pointed me at an online discount for a shooting package at the Silverdale Gun Club so the four of us went on a family outing to go shoot off big guns. Guns are fucking loud. I knew this. I expected it. The sniper rifle was still so unbelievably honkin' loud that I yelled "MOTHERFUCKER!" right after pulling the trigger. Our good ol' boy instructor thought this was so hilarious he repeated it about 20 times. here are pictures )

  • Archery continues to be sooper fun. I was feeling kinda weaksauce because I just can't keep it up for the whole two hour time slot. Then in my last class I realized nobody shoots for the entire time. Everybody either takes lengthy breaks or quits early. It's only me, complete n00b, who thinks she shouldn't have to.

    I have been fantasizing about setting up a target in the backyard. I just need to figure out a way to do it without either putting holes in the shed or scaring the shit out of the Metrolinx staff. I'm gonna work on that.
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