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Looks like the Dye It Black FAQ is still out there on the interwebs.

However, I suspect there may be some new products on the market given how long ago it was written. Any current recommendations for;

  • dying light-coloured things black?
  • refreshing the dye on a black item that has faded to grey?
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    *deep sigh*

    Posted to alt.gothic.

    Let the bitching commence.
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    [ profile] boos_pants are in dah house!


    Jun. 7th, 2002 12:03 pm
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    What a week.

    Almost no sleep, little food, a cell phone that would not stop ringing and all the insanity that goes along with running a Convergence.

    I was exhausted, frazzled and often frustrated.

    I had a blast.

    I'm up to my keister in emails and paperwork. (I don't remember there being this much to do after the event when we did C4)

    To everybody who busted their ass to help CasperVonB and me do this thing, you know who you are. We couldn't have pulled this monster off without you.

    To all those who came -- you rock. You are what made it all worthwhile.

    I can't wait for C9.


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