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Whatever you are doing, stop and look at this house.

It's so hard to choose, but I think picture #33 might be my favourite.
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The man who sits next to me at work has two sons, 12 and 9 years old. He is dotty about these kids and it's pretty adorable. They call him almost every day and he fights with the other parents on our team over who gets to take their Vacations during the school holidays so he can spend more time with them. (They live about an hour outside of Toronto so he doesn't get to see them every week.)

So he has their pictures prominently displayed on his desk. They're you standard good-looking white boys. And the 12 year-old has ginger-blonde hair down to his collar bone.

Every. Single. Adult. who has stopped by his desk since he brought in this picture has expressed an unhealthy level of investment in this kid's hair. They ask why he doesn't cut it. They ask dadman why he doesn't force the kid to cut it. Then when dadman says it's his hair, he can do what he likes with it they try to reassure dadman that it's ok, when the kid gets to high school he'll probably make the choice to cut it himself.

Like WTF people.

It's almost every day and it seems to come from people of all age groups and cultural backgrounds too. It's just weird.

Add that to the tendency of some of the people here to gender absolutely everything (Did you know staying up too late is a boy thing? I did not know that, but apparently it is.) and I feel like I'm working in some alternate 50's universe with smartphones.
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Serving the Prime Minister

Canada's sexy new Prime Minister Dustin Waterhole has swept to power - but what's going on in the back offices?

I thought I had a pretty good deal going. I was a young guy fresh out of school, and I had landed a job at the headquarters of the Leaf Party. But as we suddenly took power in an election, I was suddenly running the back offices and assisting the new Prime Minister, the young and handsome Dustin Waterhole. It turns out that serving the Prime Minister means more than just pushing paper...but, I mean, he does have nice hair.

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The latest news around the Gin Palace is that we have decided to accelerate the plans to build an apartment in the basement. Unfortunately we don't have enough money yet to do everything we want to do - I really want to lower the floor by a couple of feet, but that's holy-shit levels of expensive. We're waiting on actual quotes, but since we've decided that water-proofing and building a new bathroom take priority and since both of those things are also money pits, we're expecting that the addition of more head room will just have to wait a few more years. (Person who will be living in said apartment has been consulted on this decision and is in agreement.)

To that end I took the week off work and the two of us have been going through all the stuff in the basement so we can empty it out in preparation for the work. You know the thing about hoarding? It creeps up on you. I honestly had no idea how bad it was. At one point I was sitting on the floor surrounded by empty boxes and full garbage bags and laughing and sobbing at the same time, because holy shit brain, two trash bags of old socks? How could you be any more ridiculous? Axel assures me I go through the same thing every time I "level up". I dunno. I think I've blocked it out. Although sitting on the floor sobbing whilst surrounded by boxes and boxes of canned goods does sound kind of vaguely familiar.

Ah, mental illness. Every day you bring me on a new and magical journey though What The Fuck land.

Anyway. As well as finally throwing out a lot of stuff that is OBVIOUSLY GARBAGE WHAT THE HELL, we also did a massive purge of our books. Axel has been able to convert 95% of what we want to keep into electronic format and so five bookcases have been condensed down to one and I have a sixth that I still have to sort through. It just so happens that our neighbourhood is having a big yard sale event on Saturday, so I'll be up early dragging everything out onto the front walk in the hopes that people will contribute to our cause by taking it all away.

stacks of books

We both still have a wall in the storage room to go through. Axel's stuff is mostly RPG-related and the last of the albums he has to rip. My stuff is half assorted souvenirs from events like Convergence and past gigs and half is Fiona's stuff that I had to put down and not deal with for a while. I'm taking today off to chill and let the dust filter out of my lungs and tomorrow I will tackle more boxes.

When I split up with the ex-husband I moved back to Toronto with just what I could pack into the back of my hatchback. That was a loooooooong time ago.

[EDIT] I have added another stack of books since that picture was taken. Rock'n'roll.
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On Thursday I got diagnosed with the early stages of glaucoma. I have drops for it. They sting like a motherfucker.

The advantage of having this much practice at the Yet Another Fucking Medical Issue process is that I have managed to condense the feeling mopey part until I can now get it out of the way in about 6 hours. So at least my expanding medical file doesn't get into the way of life essentials like getting the laundry done.

However, it did make me finally cop to the real reason I am so crap at doing things like physio and eating properly - and lately even doing so much as taking fucking vitamins - it's because it just seems so pointless. I can get the arthritis and the vertigo and the depression under control and the meat-sack will just find another way to fuck with me. So why bother?

I realize that's going to sound really self-indulgent to the people who have no choice but to tightly manage their health issues. Hell, it sounds self-indulgent to me and it's my brain that's doing it. So you know, I should probably do something about that.

Also, you want to know what's really freaky? One of the possible side-effects of the drops is that they can turn your eyes brown. Permanantly. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about having brown eyes after all this time, but woah. It's like what would happen if you played if a Crystal Gayle song backwards.
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Gah. Can't comment on half of the LJ posts today, because I get some of them give me a pop-up saying my workplace is "considering" a block because the URL has been identified as web blogging site.

That's banks for you. Finger on the pulse, etc.


There was a discussion on a friend's FB recently about her upcoming marriage, and how while she is looking forward to the wedding and to being married to her partner, the prospect of being called "husband and wife" really skeeves her out.

I get that. Hoo boy, do I get that.

There have been a couple of times that I have talked to Axel about how I occasionally wished that we hadn't gotten married. Not because I regret marrying him (I don't), or because it wasn't fun (it was), but because of all the assumptions that other people put on our relationship because of it. Those grate on my nerves big time.

But you want to know what really drives me spare? It's when people change my name.

The absolute worst people for doing that seem to be contractors. I can't tell you how many times I have had to tell workmen, "That is not my name." We hire all our contractors through a central agency, and even though I set up the account and both our names are on it, they insist on calling me up and asking for "Mrs Johnston".

The last fucking straw was when I hired some guys to redo the floor in my sister's condo. They never spoke to Axel. They never met Axel. All arrangements were made by me. They had my contact info. My name was on the cheque I gave them. And when they finished the job they dropped the key off in the condo office in an envelope - labelled with Axel's last name. The office freaked out and wouldn't give back the fucking key without a copy of the ownership.

That was over a week ago and I am still ready to just about fucking skin somebody every time I think about it. It just might end up being the next person who calls me "Mrs Johnston".
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Sodastream is out. Turns out the factory is in the occupied territories. (Thanks to [profile] wild_iris for pointing this out.)

I expect there are plenty of knockoff companies around, so if I decide I really want one I'll buy something off label.

Whether or not those companies use sweatshop labour is another matter. Is there anybody out there who keeps a list of ethical companies? Because I think that would be a much shorter list.


Wig Experiment Day 2: So the skullcap thing is kinda weird. I took it out of the package expecting a dome - you know, like my head. Instead it's kind of sock-shaped. I guess so you can fill it with long hair. Anyway, getting it on was a bit of a gong show and involved lots of magical four letter incantations, but it does seem to be holding my hair in.

I am so shitty at being a girl I surprise even myself sometimes.


I am on the Very! Last! Box! of photos to be scanned. This entire process would have been so much worse if I was archiving everything, but I'm basically only scanning anything that has family members in it. Pictures of her friends are being put in a separate box so I can give them to her best friend for distribution. There are also lots and lots of pictures from her travels. It turns out that Fiona was a really good photographer. I'm seriously considering get some of her photographs blown up and framed.

Come to think of it, I do remember Dee saying that one source of friction on their Europe trip was how long Fiona would dick around with every single shot, trying to get it just perfect. It really shows in the results.

Axel has also stumbled across a photo albums he had in storage that used to belong to his father. He looks exactly like his dad, in case you were ever wondering. Except he has more hair. (So much hair!)


I have managed to get myself on a list somewhere of People Who Buy Magazines so I get tons of ads in the mail. Yesterday's mail included an envelope from a magazine called Zoomers.
"These new boomers are coloring outside the lines, zig-zaging and zoooooming toward a bright new horizon chock-full of possibilities for reinventing retirement and redefining what it means to be a mature adult in the new millennium."

Oh. For. Fucks. Sake.

Binned without mercy.

I've always thought of myself as Gen X, but I went and actually looked up the dates and the baby boom didn't end in Canada until 1965. So I am just on the tail end of it and at the point where the birth rate actually peaked. This image of Canadian birth patterns is kind of fascinating.

It's not reflective of actual population demographics of course because Canada is so reliant on immigration. (I'm not in that image myself, I wasn't born here.) But still pretty neat.


Somebody on FB linked to a story about the North Pacific Gyre. The comment section was full of people talking about it will be fine because birds and fish will just evolve to eat plastic.

I have no fucking idea how to even start to address that level of scientific illiteracy.
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Started off with a winter Convergence in Stratford. A bunch of us went tobogganing. After we were all nicely cold and wet we retired to the tea room for alcoholic cocoa and mulled wine.

Then I got kidnapped.

Probably not for the squeamish. )
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Do the 'Spyfall' scandal women maybe need makeovers?

Washington's 'Spyfall' sex scandal has some people wondering about, and some people approving, the fashion sense of the women involved


I really have to stop reading the news.
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Somebody put gum on the back of my work monitor while I was away.


Who does that?
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This is what the suburban vote has chosen to lead the amalgamated city.

Head. Meet desk. I think you are going to be spending a lot of time together in the near future.

At least our Honourable Wife Beater Mayor isn't making any pretense about his complete lack of respect for his new job.

I keep thinking about a time I went with my dad and sister to a Kids In The Hall taping at one of the old CBC buildings. They were filming the fill-in scenes for a skit where the audience waved fake money at the camera while cheering and yelling, "Screw You Taxpayer!"

In the 80's that was what we called satire. In 2010 it's municipal politics.

At least I will have a range of buttons and t-shirts to wear. It will help identify which team I'm with when they start voting people off the island.
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Waaay back when I was job-hunting I signed up for some online resume sites. I never bothered to take down my (now completely out of date) resume and I still get regular emails on job-hunting and career advice. Very occasionally I even glance through one.

Which is how I spotted the lead-in to this particular article on Workopolis today.

"Controversial career advice: Network News readers debate whether women should flirt their way to the top."

I'm sorry, but what fucking century is this?
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Toronto city workers failed to reach a new contract agreement with the city of Toronto by this morning's deadline. So as of just after midnight last night, the garbage collectors are on strike.

You got that? A garbage strike started just after midnight last night. Less than 24 hours ago.

Today there are two parks in the downtown area where people are reporting that somebody has dumped bags of garbage.

What the fuck is WRONG with people?
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Now I'm seeing people threatening to sabotage Earth Hour by turning on every electrical device in their house.

Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with people?

um. what?

Jan. 31st, 2008 01:09 pm
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A 20-foot snow globe is touring Ontario to promote tourism.

There are people inside it.


Western culture is just fucking weird.
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I just got an email from somebody at work

It said, "Please provide us with your email address".

burn Yahoo

May. 10th, 2007 04:31 pm
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At some point in the last couple of days, yahoo deleted at least two of my groups. I sent them an email about it, and this is the response I get back.

Any action taken is confidential. We will not release this information unless required to do so by law or under other similar circumstances. We are unable to make exceptions to this rule.

Fucking. Cunts.

I better back up the membership lists on my other groups pronto.


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