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I mentioned several months ago that I had started doing archery on Saturday afternoons. I had to stop attending the regular classes until we have more money coming in, but I did sign up for the bow-making class. That started a couple of weeks ago.

So far most of the class has consisted of planing and sanding a slab of wood until it is perfectly symmetrical and therefore able to bend evenly without breaking. It's tedious, meticulous, and generates a truly stunning amount of sawdust. It's also sweaty as hell; the workspace is an old warehouse with gigantic windows that is only cooled by a few ceiling fans.

The workspace is owned by the Fighting Arts Collective and Sunday seems to be their day for stuff that is scheduled on the fly. The first week I caught the tail end of one of the asian martial arts clubs having a sparring session. Yesterday it was men in very heavy looking armour and honking big swords. Both weeks we have shared the space with an aerial class, so whenever I pause to give my shoulders a rest I can spend a few minutes watching people defying gravity about 12 feet over my head.[1]

So far I'm having great fun with it. Since this is my first bow I'm not making any promises about how well it shoots. I'll take a picture when I'm done.

[1] Not directly over my head. Although I don't think I'd be worried even if they were, they seem to be pretty amazing at the not-falling-out-of-the-sky thing.


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