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Apparently Shoppers Drug Mart is now selling homeopathic remedies. I picked something new off the shelf and it wasn't until after the receipt was long gone that Axel read the fine print on the packaging. This is fucking annoying. I tend to assume that something I buy at a drug store has an actual active ingredient of some kind. Apparently not.


I read this article yesterday about scientist who been successfully inclubating lambs in an artifical womb. It's being researched as a therapy for severely premature babies who usually have serious health defects as a result of not cooking long enough.

So that's pretty cool on it's own, but the comments were full of people talking about what will happen once the technology progresses to the point that an artifical womb can be used for the entire process. Some people had some interesting things to say. But the one thing that I totally disagreed with was the number of people who said this would embraced by the pro-life camp as an alternative to abortion. I'm convinced the exact opposite will happen. Because if a woman can put the unwanted pregnancy into an artifical womb and hand it off to somebody else then she's not being punished nearly enough for having had sex, and that's really what the organized pro-life movement is all about.

On the plus side it will probably get rid of the "she shouldn't be allowed it's my baby too" MRA types, because in the vast majority of those cases they don't actually want the kid either.


I'm on my second week of working overtime and I'm logging into the systems right now and don't waaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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So because my co-workers are lovely, they got me going-away presents. One of them was a pie, which was delicious and they helped me eat it.

The other part of the present was a gift card for Indigo, which is a Canadian book store. "Aha!" says I, "I can finally buy some of the books that are on my wish list." And because we are trying to reduce the number of Things, I went online and created an account on the Indigo website and bought the electronic version of some of the books I wanted.

Now the Indigo e-reader is called a Kobo. When I buy the books the Indigo website ports me over to Kobo to create an account there. This concerns me a little as I don't have a Kobo, I have a Kindle. Not to worry, says the website, you can convert the files using a free Adobe app. So I download the Adobe app. Then I try to convert them so they can be read on my Kindle. Adobe app says nope, those files have DRM. I do a search on the Adobe website, which says, well if you register your Adobe app you can share the files across devices. Fine, I didn't particularly want to have to create yet another account with a third company, but whatever. I register the Adobe app. I download the books again. Adobe app says that's nice, now you have two copies of the files but they still have DRM so I can't put them on your Kindle.

Axel downloads a DRM-breaker. DRM breaker says it could convert the files if it were the previous version of the Adobe app but not this new version.

We collectively say fuckit and torrent the fucking books.

Keep in mind that these are books that I legally purchased, and would like to be able to read on an existing e-reader that I already own, and after hours of nonsense we still couldn't get them into my Kindle. It took all of three minutes to just download an illegal copy, convert it, and bam I'm good to go.

And this is why people pirate shit.
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Fuck summer. Seriously. I am so fucking done with not being able to breath. I've been dealing with constant dizziness and nausea for weeks now because of the shitting smog and I am so tired of it. My chiropractor put my ribs back in on Friday[1] and by Sunday I could feel that one of them is out again.

I managed to get my stupid ass trapped outside when Portugal won some sportsball thing yesterday. (I live in a Portuguese/Brazilian neighbourhood.) So of course the streetcars couldn't get through the mess and I had to walk home. I don't mind that people want to celebrate, but why do they have to do it in their cars? Because of course everybody was idling in the traffic jam, and I could feel the waves of heat coming off the vehicles. I took back alleys for as much of the way as I could, but I was still seeing spots floating in my vision by the time I stumbled in the door.

I can't wait until it gets cold again. I love the days in February when all the crap just crystalizes out of the air and you can see for a million miles. That's what I want.

All my partners want to move some place warm when we retire. Fuck that, they can come visit me in Siberia.

[1] Four this time. Which means I've stretched the cartilage on another one[2]. Yay.
[2] Asthmatics tend towards overdeveloped muscles around our rib cages from struggling to breath. So much so that "barrel-chest" used to be a defining feature of people who grew up with childhood asthma. It's less of a thing now that the drugs are better, but it's still not unheard of for asthmatics to dislocate upper ribs when we cough.
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Who has two thumbs and picked up a pounding head cold 48 hours before getting on a plane?
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Massive pet peeve #45678

People who jump in to say they'll be in charge of something and then DON'T FUCKING DO IT.

I'm on a committee with somebody who says she'll do All The Things because it's her department. Which is technically true, but for fuck sake, learn to delegate if you're actually too busy. I sent her no fewer than four emails asking for an update because people keep coming to me asking for info and don't have any. Finally I find out that not only has she done none of the stuff on the list, she has to ask me what was on the fucking list. Why the shit didn't she just let me get on with it in the first place? It's been SIX FUCKING WEEKS WOMAN!


Yesterday Windows decided I am updating to 10 whether I like it or not - it shut off all my programs and started installing without my permission, right when I was in the middle of doing something. I had to reboot to interrupt it.

This morning there is a big install window planted in the middle of my screen that can't be closed, even with task manager. I can sorta slide it off to the side so I can work around it, but for shit sake. I fucking hate Windows.


Today I got up an hour early to haul ass all the way across town to talk to the specialist who does my endoscopes. So of course there was a fire on the TTC .

HOWEVER. The appointment did result in the one piece of good news I got today. Apparently they can now fix a lazy esophageal valve with laproscopic surgery. There's a bunch of tests they have to do to make sure I'm a good candidate for it - most of which involve tubes down my throat, and some of which sound kind of alarming. But if they can do the surgery then I can give up the stomach meds. And it will mean no more waking up in the middle of the night with digestive acids in my sinuses.


This weekend is the monthly scheduled "pay all the bills & balance the bank accounts" session. I expect tears.
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Reading the comments to this letter reassures me that I am not alone on the "just let me do my fucking work that you pay me for and then go the fuck home" bus.

I Do Not Like the recent trend towards wanting work to be "fun". I do not go to work to have fun, I go to work to get paid. Also my co-workers' idea of fun makes me want to chew my own leg off to get away from it.
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So the last couple of week ended up going kind of suckward. I managed to get really really really sick and spent about five days lying around like a slug feeling sorry for myself. Complete waste of a long weekend, plus I missed a birthday celebration for a friend.

The other shitty thing that happened is that George got out. Axel had opened a window to take advantage of some nice weather and the damn cat somehow managed to pry the screen right out of the frame and escape. That was over a week ago and we haven't seen a hair of him since. One of the TCR volunteers came by with a trap and we had it set up on the porch in case he came poking around looking for food. So far we've caught just about every pet in the neighbourhood and a couple of seriously pissed-off raccoons, but no George. I suspect he's miles away by now.

Meanwhile, we still have mice. One of them managed to die behind our kitchen sink and the smell is... well, it's pretty much what you would expect from having rotting meat behind the wall. Given their size it's pretty impressive just how completely foul the house is. I am seriously considering spending my Saturday ripping out the wall to get at it.

At some point last weekend I got completely done with my hair and shaved it all off. Whenever the people at work asked me about it I just say, "Yeah, I may have gotten a little carried away." Which is polite office-speak for, "I just ran out of fucks."

So. How was your week?

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My boss has that thing I call, "prioritization by bright shiny object".

She has asked me to do three seperate things in the past three days. They all require multiple days to complete. Two of those things she will never mention again. The third she will ask me about on Monday and be shocked that it's not completed. She will not give me any hints in advance as to which of the three things it will be that she will decide to follow up on, even if I ask. Especially if I ask.

There is a daily spreadsheet she asked us to update months ago. It's now almost a month behind. We told her weeks ago that it's falling behind. I predict that at some random point in the future she will ask about the information on it and be shocked that it's not up to date.

Three hours and 18 minutes to go. I cannot wait to get out of here for a couple of days.
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Who has two thumbs and left her phone on the bus yesterday morning?
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How do I politely tell my cow-orker to BLOW HIS FUCKING NOSE ALREADY AND STOP WITH THE CONSTANT FUCKING SNIFFING ARGGGGHHHHHHH******* chokes and falls over*****

*picks self up*
*dusts self off*

Asking for a friend.
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Carlin successfully dropped off at the lizard-sitter, medication supplies for the trip mostly sorted, bills payed, hold put on mail.

I had planned to do my packing tonight. Then this morning I found mouse poop on the kitchen counter. You know, where I PREPARE MY FUCKING FOOD.

I swear to all the Gods, the next time I'm bitching about my house and somebody says, "lower your standards" or "your friends don't care what your house looks like," I am throwing fucking mouse shit at them.


Jun. 20th, 2014 04:51 pm
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I finally got around to cleaning out my inbox. (Setting up filters is one of those things on my lengthy to-do list.) And discovered no fewer than three occasions where I got notification that my mailbox hit the size limit and the messages got dumped into text file on the server.

I've had a couple of people tell me that they sent me emails and I never responded, so that's probably where they are.

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The intermittent block of LJ from work is kind of cramping my style. I can't comment on a lot of posts, so I've started trying to do that from my phone. Which is kind of clunky to say the least. And forget doing it at home, my house is where organization and motivation go to die. It's led to me being somewhat quieter than normal.

In all honestly I got kind of burnt out on social media in general for the last month. I blame Facebook. I am so fucking done with Facebook. I don't know what it is about that medium that seems to bring out the worst in human interaction. It's not like people haven't been dicks to each other since the dawn of the internet, but for some reason it just seems to be the default there instead of the exception. Fukt if I know why. So between shitty stuff happening because of FB, people being overtly shitty to other people on FB, and FB itself being a pretty shit place for any kind of meaningful interaction, fuck that joint. Now I'm just struggling with whether or not to delete my account there. Unfortunately for a lot of people it's their main way of getting in touch, so I dunno. Gah.

So anyway, still mostly here.

Axe & I went to Convergence last month and we realized that the last time we did a proper trip together was four years ago when we went to Utah. We're trying to figure out if we can do a proper vacation this year. It looks like it's going to depend on what happens with his work schedule since that's a bit up in the air at the moment, so we'll see.

House stuff is never ending. The nephew has his own stuff going on, which means he hasn't touched the boxes and boxes and boxes of comics piled up behind the couch. Axe and I fought about it on a regular basis from the day they arrived so finally we put together a plan to get at the very least an inventory list put together, in the hopes that it will make it easier for him to sell them. Which is now making me tear my hair out for different reasons because the numbering system makes ZERO FUCKING SENSE and every single series Fiona collected got rebooted at least three times. But friends pitched in to help out, and we've figured out how to make some room for some of them in the basement where they are elevated and won't get damaged if we have another flood, and also uncovered some boxes of other stuff that can just leave the fucking house now so that's something close to progress.

The other house thing was having to get our kitchen counter replaced because the old one rotted out and the sink was actually falling through it. I'm not even remotely exaggerating.

Occasionally people at work ask me if our renovations are done yet. I laugh, and I laugh.

Oh, and in other news? Hot flashes. What the ever-shitting fuck.
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I've been watching Sleepy Hollow with BC lately. I like it. It's a very silly show with a ridiculous over-the-top premise and lots of over-acting, and the scenes where Crane is confronted with just how much of a fish-out-of-water he is in the 21st Century are cute and funny. And holy shit, a show that not only has multiple POC in major roles, but where the lead characters can be emotionally close and not have romantic designs on each other? How often does that happen?

spoilers for The Golem episode )

So you know, episode ends, I blow my nose, we talk about the show a bit, then we talk about other things, etc. I didn't even mention to BC that it bothered me, because it didn't really. It's like a reflex these days.

Then I logged into the computer for five minutes before bed. And looked at Facebook.

Big. Mistake.

My cousin posted some stupid image macro that he was sharing from some Catholic group. It was just the word "abortion" with the b and r scribbled over so that it read "adoption". And of course, the text "share if you agree".

My head caught fire.

I wanted to be able to point out that the two are completely different things; that adoption doesn't make a woman not pregnant if she doesn't want to be pregnant.

I wanted to point out that adoption does not solve the problem of ectopic pregnancies, deep vein thrombosis, gestational diabetes or any of the other fifty fucking billion things that can go wrong, or the pain, exhaustion, edema, hemeroids, acid reflux, expense, doctor's appointments, stitches or any of the other hundred fucking billion things that are a normal part of even a healthy pregancy and that maybe the woman doesn't want to be forced to deal with all this crap.

I wanted to point out that he was sharing an image from an organization that is willing to let women die rather than give them medical care when they are pregnant. That wants to force women to go through all the shit that I went through against their will.

I wanted to point out that as a man, he has a lot of fucking nerve telling women what they should do.

Instead all I could manage was two profanity-ridden screeds that were full of typos because my hands were shaking so badly. I deleted both of them before posting, finally just commenting, "No", then going back and deleting it and unfriending him. The whole time my brain was shrieking "How dare you! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!"

It took me hours to calm down. It felt even the air I was exhaling was hot. If I actually had the power to reach through the computer and murder somebody, I would have a shit-load of explaining to do to my dad's family today.

So uh, apparently I still do have some "stuff" around this topic.

Just maybe not the stuff I thought I had.
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Me: "Hi, I need this info and it's not on your list. Can you tell me where you get this data so I can obtain the missing info?"

Emailed response: "This is the data we have on our list."

Me: Kills coworker, sets the building on fire, goes and gets drunk.
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  • Experience a coffee cup avalanche when I opened the kitchen cupboard. Since there were glasses on the counter below the results were pretty spectacular.
  • Discover we have a leak in the roof by virtue of dirty water collecting inside a light fixture on the top floor.
  • Discover a tear in the mesh screen on the cover of Carlin's tank. We haven't been able to deter Jack from wanting to sit there, and apparently he's too heavy for it.
  • Find out the velvet on Axel's velvet Elvis painting isn't colour fast. I tried to clean a couple of stains and the black came right off with them. Fuck.
  • Get the furnace filter caught on something while I was swapping it out for a new one and hose myself down with many months collection of packed dust.

    ETA Oh yeah, and our printer finally gave up the ghost. Right when I was trying to print up D's parking pass. Fortunately the permit inspectors didn't come around this weekend.

    A trip to Canadian Tire is part of my lunch plans.
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    My to-do list would be a lot shorter if so much of it didn't consist of "chase after X who hasn't got back to me yet..."
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    Because my work has been running training classes for everybody in my department on some of the new technology they're buying, I've had to come in early for the last two weeks. Plus nobody did a sodding thing while I was down with pork flu so I've been busting my ass on overtime to try and get caught up. Plus a six-day week last week. And now my cow-orker just annoounced today that he's planning on taking Monday off, so I'll have to start at 7 again on that day. I managed not to strangle him to death with his own shoelaces. But only just.

    The English language does not have words for how much I hate the early morning shift. I feel like somebody threw sand in my eyes. And then ran me over with a tractor. And rubbed salt all over what was left. And then put it in a burlap bag and left it hanging in the sun for a couple of days. And then cats peed on it.

    Fuck it. It's Friday. I am having a couple of beers tonight. And then I am turning my phone off when I go to bed. I don't care what blows up, falls down or sinks into the swamp, tomorrow I am sleeping the hell in.
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    I was woken up at 5 AM by a text message from a co-worker asking me to open for her. Actually the text message came at 4 AM but it took me that long to figure out what that buzzing noise was.

    Note that I went to bed last night expecting to be starting work at noon.

    At 8 AM - after I had been at work for an hour - the gallbladder attack started.

    At 3 PM, sans breakfast or lunch or in fact anything other than a cup of peppermint tea and a metric buttload of codeine, I headed home. I fell asleep on the bus. I dreamed about ants. As I walked home from the bus stop I kept thinking what a good thing it was that we didn't really have ants because we are such crap housekeepers that we would have a bitch of a time getting rid of them.

    The first thing I did when I got home was to head into the kitchen to get some food. A movement caught my eye and I looked down to see...

    Well. Guess.

    About a thousand of them.

    Fuggit. I was in no shape to deal with this. I made myself a (non-wheat, non-meat, non-diary, non-egg, fuck, fuck, fuck) sandwich and went and killed elves for an hour.

    Now they seem to mostly be gone. Definitely the food they were all clustered around is gone.

    Maybe I should just tell people they are really small roombas and put them on the payroll.


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